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Our Content Packages.

Social Media.

Digital content is at the forefront of our lives, we see it every hour of every day – besides when we’re


It’s not always easy to create amazing content for your business. However, without it you’re missing out

on what is an incredibly powerful promotional tool. From fully-fledged promotional films to quick-fire

Instagram stories, it’s about making your brand visible.


At Pearce Productions we’ve been spending the last few years really drilling down on what makes the

best social media content and our clients totally love what we’re doing. The only issue is they need

more of it…


A post a day...

This is where our Daily Content Package comes in. It’s a surefire way of making sure you’ve always got

powerful and fresh content to help keep your company growing. Best of all, we make it totally hands-off.

Just pick a day each month, one of our highly skilled videographers will arrive onsite, spend the day

shooting incredible footage, then our in-house edit team will begin creating awesome video content

ready for the following month.

The full package.

It really is that simple. From a single day of filming, we can produce promotional films, case studies,

interviews, talking heads, photographs and more. It’s the set and forget solution to your digital content


Plus, we guarantee at least 1 piece of content for each day of the month for your social media plan!

Prices start from just £1000 per month.