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Pearce Productions is a professional photo and video production company based just outside of London, in Surrey.


We provide our clients with outstanding products and a straight-forward, friendly service. We have expert knowledge and heaps of passion and creativity to consistently produce amazing content.


Our skill set means we can produce and create work to meet all of your needs from large events to promotional content and everything in between.


Take a look at our portfolio.

We combine our expertise and knowledge with our creativity and passion to work with you in creating the product you are after.


We use cameras capable of capturing 4K and Full HD motion pictures and producing high resolution still images capable of being printed on billboards and canvas'.


We've produced a fair few videos for a large and diverse set of clients. We deal with individuals, local business' and larger companies - all of which get an incredible product tailor made for them.

Creating incredible photo and video content is the key to success in a digital focused world - and Pearce Productions is at the forefront of producing creative, cost-effective and targeted digital media content.